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Timor Mortis even now?


Rise above death,
Show love,
Rise above pain,
Give comfort.
Mortality beckons when you think of self,
Rise above death,
When you give meaning to your name.

Search for the meaning of your name,
Search still for the meaning of Light,
Look to your soul,
When next Life’s hefts,
Has you in wefts!


The Lord touched me,
When the sun rose golden,
Fresh from yesterday’s slumber,
With gifts of the day
One more day child.

The Lord touched me,
When the clouds parted,
And thunder rolled her
Carpets of soothing rain
To cool me fevered hopes,
One more day child.

The Lord touched me,
When the earth robed
Her children in splashes
Of harvesting colors
To feed my yearning soul
One more day child

The Lord touched me
When He sent HIM
To hold my hand gently
As I step over crags and thorns
HIS love like Dove’s down,
Guides my spirit’s trip
Make Hay child!


She offered me friendship,
I gave her my kinship,
Then she fancied him,
He was yesterday’s pansy,
That became today’s dandy,
He was quite handy,
To anyone he fancied,
Both of them became foolhardy,
When they chose to be tardy,
And turned beauty into bawdy,
As their stolen love became tawdry.

Here I stand,
My friendship in tatters,
Flying in some feathers,
Neither hither nor thither,
For it was never tethered.
T’is novel to kill
What you can’t ken to fill,
With the truth to feel,
When your treachery keels
Over one looks ill
With love for you
My friendship killed
By my lady Serpentine!


They come to the mountain,
High up in light,
In their professed whiteness,
Their hems stained with oil,
Their fingers grimy with dirt,
From their thoughts and hates,
The earth has wept sodden,
The beings sighed faint,
While they chased gold,
As prizes for their feints!