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The last of the trilogy of The Numen Yeye series.
Ife and Babatunde must now fulfil their destined responsibilities for their town as protector-king and priestess-queen. In a politically volatile and ritual bound society, it is not an easy assignment.

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Numen! is the last of the Numen trilogy.Ife is now married and in the material world, her status is now elevated by her husband, Babatunde, now Kabiyesi, the Lion of his people.
Ife’s life and spiritual journey are still in a state of flux and uncertain. More than ever before she witnesses the weaknesses and corruption of the society she lives in. She is fully reconciled with being the incarnation of Numen, the ancient spirit entity. She, however, needs to find a purpose, within the tradition of the people and recognize the best way she must proceed to bring to her people the benefits of ancient knowledge and laws that will benefit her people.
Numen! is the beautiful finale to a story of love, fantasy, and the mysteries of the Yoruba race and tradition.


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