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Do you like poets or poetry?

Writing poems and poetry in a country that has very little appreciation for that form of literature can be a very daunting prospect. It has an almost nonexistent financial return.
This is quite an interesting topic for me to be talking about.Do you like poets or poetry?. My cousin looks askance when I ask that question from friends. There is always that pitying look in her eyes.
‘Can you live on your poems?’ she asks anxiously.
How do I explain the spontaneity of words and thoughts and images that come through poetry?
Do I live on poetry? I don’t know anybody that does, at least on my kind of poetry. But things are changing now, there is a new trend in town, they are called the digital poets, spoken word artistes. I watch and listen to them in bemused wonder.
Could I do that? I find I am too shy to do that, and to my bewilderment, I learn that my reasons for writing poems are kind of private.
Interesting don’t you think? I find writing poems was and still is actually my way of sharing my thoughts on a personal basis with you
I guess I always thought, you will read my poems privately, contemplate them and maybe nod or smile.
poems, poetry individual and reaction.
What set me into thinking this way?
Two things. One I received in the mail, information that I have made the final list of poets who will be published in a forthcoming publication of African poets including poets of African descent in the diaspora.
My publisher told me and invited me to read the link and suggested I might send in my poems.
I scratched my head, wondered what poems I might send. I write poems like I breathe, spontaneous and random sometimes. I have hundreds. They wanted only three. That was quite a decision to make. I could pick just any three.
Still confused I started reading back some of the poems and randomly chose three.

I did not even tell my closest because I have been part of several anthologies before. International anthologies as well as local and national groups and circles.I forgot about this one until a few days back when I received information that I had made the final list of poets.

I read through the list and it dawned on me that this was truly an African selection and that I was being given recognition as one of a list of Fine African poets.I felt small, thrilled and the wonder of it has not left me

The anthologies I had been part of, was always by invitation and I tended to know about it ahead. My publisher, Gerry Huntman, is not into publishing poetry, he just likes some of my poems. I am touched that he could think I would be chosen by a group who have not heard of me, read my poems before and would find my poems made their list.

So, when my cousin asked me if I could live on poems and writing poetry, I was silent, because I could not express my sense of wonder nor happiness that those words written privately would be read by a wider audience privately too.

Would you come to my site, and share with me?

I would be happy to share my poems and poetry.

It is the first week of the last month of the year, and I wish you every happiness as we make ready to wrap 2017 in mothballs for the Historians and Timekeepers of Creation

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