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How much is your child worth?


How much for your child?

Sounds like a daft question? But seriously, what type of parent are you? Remember when we talked about our tendency to rate everything in the commercial returns we are likely to have over our children?
Has modernity, civilization and our infernal craze for wealth pushed us over the rim to such a level as for us to see our children as merchandise?

Our esteemed author ,Lola Babalola made this comment and her comment brought about this post.
“Children acquire a materialistic attitude usually from one or both parents who have a worldview that says “Money makes the world go round” (it doesn’t!) or due to a deprived childhood. Money is a tool with which we can acquire some comforts on our life’s journey but it is hardly a life pursuit as many ‘poor’ rich folk will tell you. If we get the relationship with money right, so will our children”.

Hmmm, food for thought for our parents. Is money our ultimate value system?Why are young men and woman in the fore front of being scammers.They have names, mugu, maga etc? Is it grinding poverty materially or grinding moral poverty?
Maybe, it might guide us into understanding ourselves and ask maybe we have placed the signposts wrongly
Read in the news recently about some higher institution undergraduates were picked up for defrauding some people from their hard earned cash. The amount ran into millions according to reports. These young men were still in the university and had jeeps, expensive flats, and money to burn.

One particular case struck me as infinitely cruel on the part of the young man. He went to his parents moaning he needed money, the father went borrowing and the mother had to appeal to her church to help. They stood in shock when they learned what the young man had in his bank account as the parents stared bemused at the jeep
Where did the parents go wrong? That will be tempting to sweep your hands at the sky and say, the parents were blameless. I would hesitate to blame anyone following the injunction that we were never given the mandate to judge a fellow human being.

However the question is urgent in our souls, when Christ asked us “Seek ye first His Kingdom……..”
As parents, we dream, that our child should do better than us. We pray that he should buy better cars, bigger houses and mansions, we beam with pride that the child can travel round the world. These are legitimate dreams I agree, but why are we not insistent that above all material achievement, we pray to see a decent child as well. A child that has inherited our values.

This is my question: What is the real value of the child to you? As you close your eyes one day in earthly death, what value of your child have you bestowed on the world?
I really hope I will have answers. Meanwhile ,on behalf of the blog, I send my sincere thanks to Lola Balalola for allowing us to share her thoughts. From one parent to another, thank you.

6 thoughts on “How much is your child worth?

  1. Thank you very much for sharing my thoughts on this subject with your audience and for the perspectives you added to it. Indeed, we desire that our children should be improved versions of us: Mum and Dad 2.0 if you will, but it is important that we articulate which ones of our attributes we consider to me most important for our children in order to guide their aspirations to help us make our dreams come true in their lives. One of my favorite writers speaks about the issue of lasting legacies in a blog below. It provides a very interesting point for parents to consider. Thanks again, I am greatly honored ?

    1. We are indeed honoured to have your comments. Thank you very much. We look forward to to more.

  2. Nice article. Parents really need to read this. Its one of the issues affecting our society today and should be addressed.

  3. Thank you Diana for your comments. We look forward to your contributions

  4. Our environments are so replete with institutions that extol such values that could pervert the growing adolescent. Among them::
    – becoming University graduates as teenagers
    -along with this, exam malpractices funded by parents.
    – immorallity by sugar Dady/sugar Mommy on Campuses
    – sermons in places of worship that preach only breakthroughs without much knowledge of the scriptures
    – uncensored home vedio movies
    – lack of “hands on” edcation that places undue importance on paper qualifications.
    – unending rat race among parents leaving no time for responsible parenting, that parental responsibilities to ill prepared boarding houses
    – above all, between material and spiritual education that produce brain cripples that rule the world.
    All these leave bitter tastes.

    1. Youare so right Sir,particularly onthe issue of parents helping their children to buy questions ahead of WAEC or deciding to help them buy question papers. We may lead in to our next post with your wonderful points. Thank you very much for this contribution.

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